OPC Server Connections 7.8.0

Good Morning,
I’m trying to configure an OPC Server in Ignition v.7.8.0, but it does not work.

My configuration is:
name: PAL416NERO
username: aaa
password: aaa

Also, I tried to set it in version 7.9.1 and surprisingly it works if is set property:
Host Override:

Now, in version 7.8.0 there is not this property, so my question is: how can i configure opc-server ?

Thanks in advance.

That property was introduced because some servers don’t return the IP address you connected to during discovery in the endpoints. Many return a hostname that you won’t even be able to resolve.

If you can’t get your server configured to return the correct IP address then you need to upgrade to a version of Ignition that has the Host Override property.