OPC Server Connections are missing

I recently moved from a windows to a Linux gateway, when i restored my project everything seemed to go fine until I checked the OPC connections. They were all missing except for the standard ‘Ignition OPC-UA Server’.

I tried to recreate them thinking since they were kepware connections to a localhost somehow they failed to restore. Upon re-creation of them I got an error that the names are not unique, I then checked the OPC connections status page and they are still there and faulted.

My question is how can i get to these OPC connections so I can modify the connection details so they will stop failing?

Thanks and let me know if there are any questions, I am running version 7.6.2

Were these OPC-COM or OPC-UA connections?

They are OPC-DA COM

Right… they disappeared because the COM module only works on Windows. You can’t make DA/COM connections from a linux gateway.

is there any way to remove them, they are just sitting in error along with keeping the names that I need to create the new OPC connections with? Thanks

if anyone has any help removing the OPC connections i would appreciate it, the only reason this is an issue isI will have to rename over 500 tags since the kepserver name would have changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Backup system
Gateway > Configuration > Console > Advanced > Raw Settings Viewer

Run these 2 commands.


Restart gateway

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Thats wicked handy, i didn’t know that was there. Thanks!