OPC Server Help


I’ll make Ignition connect with pressco, but I have problem because I can not make connection between ignition and pressco.
Software used by pressco second manual is OPC Server for INTELLISPEC™ systems supports the OPC Foundation “Data Access” specification. It is compatible with all versions of the specification in widespread use
today (1.0a, 2.05 and 3.00). The OPC Server does not support other OPC specifications
(including Alarms & Events, Historical Data or XML Data).


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What error are you getting? Is the OPC server on the same machine or a different machine? It most likely is a DCOM issue.

You can look at this troubleshooting guide that might help:

Troubleshooting_OPC_and_DCOM.pdf (794 KB)

Would you please help us get the right adress on
Troubleshooting_OPC_and_DCOM.pdf3 (794 KB)
we are in a trouble with this issu

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