OPC Server (in PLC) automatic reconnection

We are testing OPC COM communication reliability. Igntition Gateway was connected to remote OPC Server DA2 (PLC vendor’s OPC Server DA2 directly in PLC - connected by specifying CLSID in Configuration), we could see live tags (simulated integers), changing their values in Designer.

If we switch off the PLC, OPC Connection gets into Faulted status. How to ensure that after switching the PLC on, the Ignition Gateway reconnects automatically?

We should ensure total reliability of reconnection after any PLC manipulation (switch off/on, disconnect/reconnect Ethernet cable, downloading new version of PLC project, resetting PLC) without any operator manipulations…

What have you done to bring it out of the faulted state?

Thank you Greg.Simpson for your response. Meanwhile my workmate solved the problem - in DCOM Security Settings of IG machine set up/added Everyone and ANONYMOUS and Allowed Local/Remote Access everywhere as it is written in User Manual section Ignition Server DCOM Settings.

Now when we disconnect Ethernet cable from PLC, OPC Server goes to Closed after cca 30seconds and after reconnecting the cable it returns to Connected after few seconds.