OPC server in redundant configuration

Hi everybody,

a need to setup two OPC server, in redundant configuration, where every of them should expose tag through an OPC client provided by Matrikon software. This Matrikon software it’s creating a local OPC DA interface and speak with my ignition SCADA through a tunneller software (converting OPC DA in UA).

Right now I set up the gateway of ignition in the right way. In the server OPC section I filled the “endpoint address” and the “backup endpoint address” with the correct value, marked the option to expose tag through an anonymous connection and if the OPC client try to connect to my master OPC server everything is working.

Everithing is also working if the OPC client is trying to connect to my backup server when the Ignition master is down (PC powered off). The issue is coming when both server are on, but the OPC client is connected to the backup server of Ignition. In this case the OPC client cannot read any value from Ignition, data exchange is freezed.

How can I be sure to not forgot any setup on the Ignition gateway? Because in this scenario, the backup gateway of Ignition seems to be like a ghost, and only align it’s data with the master. It’s allowed to the backup to expose data through OPC even if the master gateway is on?

Thank you for your attention.