OPC server is Bad, how can I diagnose this and restart the right way

We have an RTAC device connected as an OPC device.
We read the values, but for some reason, it disconnect sometimes, about 95% of the values qualities are set to “Bad_NotConnected”, we execute the code system.device.setDeviceEnabled(“RTAC”, 0), then set this to 1. It doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.
One way to resolve this is to recycle the Ignition service. Why?
Is there’s a better way to do this?

Please provide more information. Specific Ignition version, device type, driver used, log messages recorded when the above happens, etc. Anything that might be relevant.


Sorry, I thought that using Ignition 8 category was enough.
So Ignition 8.04
Device is using Modbus TCP With an IP address and a valid port.

Should be enough info?

No. Gateway log messages? Brand and model of your RTAC? Network layout details? Results from any troubleshooting efforts you’ve already tried?

The question is how can I diagnose this.
The device has been installed in Ignition for a long time now.
Once a while, it doesn’t respond to Ignition, But I can connect with it with the RTAC SEL program, so no problem with the device itself, but Ignition will not behave correctly. The device in Ignition is valid, but it is really not. A bunch of tags are bad 90% or more. So what log should I look at, or more, what log should I cange from Info to Trace to find out what is happening, then I might be able to find a solution, but only Ignition is affected by this.
It’s a Modbus TCP device, did not know that the version of the RTAC was an issue, but it’s
‘SEL-3530-4-R124-V0-Z001001-D20130628’, This is the factory ID, if this is what you are asking.
I am not giving the IP address, but it’s on the local automation network and the firewall is not the issue.

That helps. When dealing with partly working connections, wireshark packet captures are useful to see what commands are failing. If you cannot capture packets for us to review, an alternative would be to disable all of the affected tags and add them back until you discover which one (or more) is triggering the bad behavior. You can also try turning off the “span gaps” driver setting, or reducing the maximum number of registers per request.

If you cannot share details on this forum, you probably need to contact support and let them look over your shoulder.