OPC Server 'Is Connected' Tag


We have connected some B&R controllers with onboard OPC Server to Ignition to get some production data to managers.

We would like to know when the machine is turned on/off and so I would like to have something similar to the Modbus driver’s diagnostic ‘Is Connected’ tag but I cannot find anything like this in the OPC Browser:

I did however find the ...MCS02/OPC/ServerStatus Document (JSON) tag:

I am thinking one of these tags may be able to help me:
So I have separate expression tags (using jsonGet()) for each of these that I am logging.

I just witnessed that if the machine is turned off, those tags’ values just stay what they were. So I think I can really only make use of the currentTime.utcTime tag. My plan is to create a gateway event script that fires every few seconds and checks if the currentTime.utcTime tag has changed since the last check. If it has, set a boolean ‘Is Connected’ tag, if not reset it.

Any more elegant way/s to do this?

Use the OPC System Tags instead:

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