OPC Server not connecting

I had a problem similar to the topic: [quote]Cannot browse connection “Ignition OPC-UA server” [/quote]I am running version 7.8.2 on a Linux machine running Oracle Java 8_91 with the MES modules installed. The solution was the same, reset the endpoints.

You probably need to look into a fix before you get further complaints.

weertske, when you say you had to reset endpoints, what exactly do you mean?
Also, did your Gateway’s IP address change? Typically, you will see a previously working connection fault when the machine running the Gateway receives a new IP address, making previous security certificates invalid.
To avoid this issue in production, Ignition Gateway should be run on a server with a static IP address.

My server’s IP address is static. However, I installed the Ignition MES gwbk so maybe it is the problem.

It could be - not necessarily because of MES modules, but as consequence of restoring from a Gateway backup. The restore overwrites configuration, including the endpoint in OPC settings.

That is what I thought.

Was there any resolution to this?
We are now experiencing OPC-UA not connecting.
version 7.9.10
We setup a redundancy gateway for testing and now the master seems to be stuck in ‘Connecting’ status.
We removed redundancy and restarted but no luck.