OPC Server Replacement

Hello Everyone,

The Company I’m working for is using an OPC Server called CoDeSys OPC Server V2.3 – This OPC Server and the programming tool for real-time operation environments isn’t the newest. Following to that the OPC Server is running as an Application instead of a service, which brings a lot of issues within windows and especially, if you want to run it on a server system. Therefore I try to replace the CoDeSys OPC-Server with another product, which is capable of running as a service and therefore designated to run on a Server system. It would be even one step better, if this system could be completely system independent, so being able to run under Unix, Linux, Mac and Windows or other more open compiled real time Systems, as the industry our company supplies to is very different in setups.

The frontend of this Server is putting out OPC Variables, on a flat browsing setup, so a very simple type of OPC Server. This frontend is accessible over Port 5505 in standard setup. The backend, there I’m not 100% sure, is probably an Modbus Ethernet Protocol accessible over Port 1200, if standard setup. The OPC Server one will point through the network to the actual IPC, where the Logic (PLC) is running on.

Thanks a lot for the help already.

Kind Regards
Klaus Nienhaus