OPC server tags on error, Can UDT offset create problem on OPC connection?

Hello everybody,

I have a perspective project I am working on. I suddenly got error on all my tags. I have 4 device all S7-300 connected to gateway. Devices looks connected I can ping them succesfully. An I was receiving the tag values also but for some reason I started to get this error on all my tags. Below the device logs;

In the tag diagnostic it says bad.

I chekced the gateway connection OPC connection, PLC configuration allowing OPC connection they look fine. In the tag configurations I use lots of UDT , I saw a post about UDT offset values making problems. Could this be the reason I suddenly started to have problem on tags? I have offset values in most of my UDT tags. Usually like this;


I also had some mathematical calculation in the offset part I deleted those in hope maybe that fixes but still same. Any idea?