OPC Subcription Settings

Does Ignitions OPC UA client support more advanced subscription/monitoring settings such as:

Queue Size
Discard oldest objects
Data change filters
Data change triggers options (Status/Value/Timestamp)
Deadband Type: Absolute/Percent
Deadband value

These are very nice features to reduce network bandwidth between the OPC server and client as well as system utilization of processing new values. It lets the OPC server handle the bulk of the work load as it should. A great free test OPC UA client that utilizes these features is: unified-automation.com

How is this accessed within Ignition? If Ignition doesn’t support these features are there plans in the near future to implement?

Keep up the good work Inductive Automation!!!

There’s no way to access these right now, unfortunately. We’ve been keen on exposing them for a while but it’s tricky figuring out how and where it would be exposed. Hopefully in the next release they’ll be available.

When you say next release do you mean within 7.8? Any timeline information would help as we are rolling out a big project that would benefit from this.

I mean next major release, so 7.9 in this case.

Is this still in the plan for 7.9?

Well… it never got removed from the list of things we wanted to do for 7.9, but unfortunately it hasn’t been implemented as of now so it’s extremely unlikely it will make it for 7.9.0.

We’ll have to investigate whether or not it’s something we can do in a 7.9.x release.

Siemens is releasing their new software this month and it will include an OPC server that will run inside the PLC CPU. This is extremely advantageous and to truly leverage the power of OPC these features are needed. Would appreciate your help on this!