OPC Subscriptions

Hello everyone,

I am back on the topic of subscriptions. Can someone explain subscriptions in a way that is teachable to others with no experience? I understand OPC subscriptions at a high level but would like to hear some descriptions from other people.


I am using a lot of large duplicate tags partData[1…1000], PX[1…1000], etc so I am running into an issue with too many subscriptions. Kevin mentioned putting the OPC Browser in read-only mode before which I tried through the OPC configuration when setting up a new connection but that did not appear to change anything. With the tag struct I am using, I can only use about 75 of these tags before I start seeing “Error_Configuration”. Is there a step I missed with read-only mode? Or any other suggestions?

I have no problem if I need a new OPC connection every ~75 tags, it would just be MUCH cleaner if I can avoid this and work from one connection instead of 10+ for the same endpoint.