OPC tag browser locking up and faulting

I’ve had a problem that started recently. When I go to browse or add specific tags from the OPC browser to my SQLtags, it keeps locking up in the designer and giving an error on the client.

Tags that 100% of the time cause me problems now are “TIMER” tags and “CONTROL” tags. Clicking either in the OPC browser will cause it to lock up and fault out.

The error it logs in console is this:

Time	Logger	Message

WARN 9:32:57 PM BrowseService Returning ServiceFault for request: [BrowseRequest maxRefPerNode=10000 nodesToBrowse=[[BrowseDescription nodeId=[BMW]OP300.OP300Process.Timer browseDirection=Forward refTypeId=ns=0:i=33 includeSubtypes=true nodeClassMask=0 resultMask=255]]]. StatusCode=StatusCode[Severity=Bad, Subcode=Bad_InternalError]


Any ideas?