OPC Tag Browser Not Working?

Ignition 8.1.0 rc1

Looks like browse ops tags in Designer does not work. Works in Gateway OPC Quick Client.

Sorry, can you clarify what you mean? Maybe with a screenshot?

OPC Browser is empty. I can see the tags on the Gateway.

If you close it, make sure you have clicked the “Tags” folder in the Tag Browser first, then open it again does it work? and after refreshing it?

I’m only seeing it blank if I have the “System” folder selected. Not that this is intended.


somehow tags does not exist

If refreshing the Tag Browser doesn’t work then I’d restart your Designer. Also, make sure your project has a Tag Provider specified that actually exists.

I imported a project. When I create a new project it works. I did not import the global dependency from older versions.

Check that your imported project is specifying a tag provider that actually exists.

worked. Thank you