OPC Tag Drag and Drop Creation extra text

See attached image of issue when dragging OPC item into tag to create new tag. We are getting extra text in the OPC item path that never was there before. The tag still functions correctly but not sure this is intended behavior.

It’s intended, don’t worry :thumb_right:


Thanks for confirming that it’s by design. Would you mind expanding on it’s intention? I have large portion of tags that were created prior to this additional text, and I want to understand the implications behind having/not having “ns=1;s=[OPC Path]” uniformly inserted throughout the system? Even if the text is innocuous, I would prefer to understand its function.


The “ns=1;” is specifying the namespace the NodeId is part of. If you don’t specify one, then Ignition assumes you mean namespace 1 implicitly.

Going forward I’ve decided it’s better to be explicit about the namespace and include it when you drag tags in.

If you mean to be addressing a NodeId in namespace 1 (which if you’re using Ignition’s UA server you probably are), then it doesn’t matter if you leave the namespace prefix out because it will assume 1 anyway.