OPC Tag in Transaction does not update even though the tag browser changing


We are encountering that the OPC Tag in Transaction Group does not update.

In the tag browser state = 3 while in the transaction group tag State = 1

It has the same location and the execution scheduling timer is 1 seconds

Those values update when the transaction triggers. They aren’t “Live”.

In one of my transaction groups, I changed the value of a tag being used and it did update, but that was while I was in read write mode. I’ve had problems where I have had to delete it and create it again, after doing that it works fine. It could have glitched out :open_mouth:

We did that already, recreating tags in transaction group, but there has still delay in updating

That’s why we set up the trigger at 1 second, but there is a delay in updating almost 1 second in delay

That’s why we set up the trigger at 1 second, but there is a delay in updating almost more than 1 second in delay

You are mixing up trigger and scheduling. Your Screenshot shows a 1 second execution timer. In the statistics at the bottom, you see that the last trigger happened at 11:06:56, the last execution at 11:07:02.
As pturmel wrote, the values update with the trigger, not with every execution. So, check your trigger settings.

My trigger settings is only execute when values have changed which is the State tag. But my problem is the State Tag is not updating in transaction group even though the tag of opc has changed.

What was the fix? Have same problem here where the value in the group items are not changing (except where I disable and enable then save), but I can see the value changing in the OPC tag browser.

There wasn’t anything to fix. The values aren’t supposed to update in that display all the time. They show the values from the last trigger.