OPC tag not working

Hello Everyone,
I am connecting ET200SP to ignition. I created OPC Server on PLC and connection is successful. Few days back I did this process and everything worked fine even today those tags are working but the one I created today in PLC are showing up on OPC and able to grab it but in ignition it’s showing error for configuration while tags are literally identical. One thing I noticed is that in diagnostic It’s showing Leased:False and in the working tag it’s true. Please see pictures.


In v8+, the tag browser itself doesn’t make a subscription to tags, so any tag in a leased group, if nothing “real” is viewing it (binding), won’t be polled.

Bind the tag to a label and see.

(Did you change your default tag group to leased? Probably not a good idea.)

No. I haven’t changed that setting. It’s in Direct mode. I noticed that I am able to write values from Ignition to PLC but not able to read.

I’d start looking for reasons in your S8–you are using its built-in OPC, so I’ve got nothing.