OPC Tag of shape Nx2 reads as 2Nx1 via Tag Browser

I am trying to import multidimensional OPC tag. I can confirm the shape is correct using FreeOpcUa client, but in Ignition the shape seems to be flattened. Is there some form of advanced configuration that I am missing? I am watching the tag update in realtime, but I can not plot it in 2Nx1 form.

Barring a fix to the import itself, is there a way to reshape this array from 2Nx1 to Nx2? I can also convert the tag into two Nx1 arrays but there does not seem to be a way to simply join them into a Nx2 dataset.

Importing the tag as Integer Array or Dataset yields the same shape problems.


Ignition’s tag system doesn’t have multi-dimensional arrays :-/

Ah darn. That would have been too easy!

How would you go about converting this kind of array to a compacted dataset? Do I need to write a gateway script that triggers on tag change that saves to a memory tag<dataset[Nx2]>? It seems inefficient for a tag that updates rapidly with over a thousand points.

My immediate goal is to plot the array tag, where each entry is the X,Y coordinate.

Yeah, I think you'd have to use a script and write to a dataset memory tag on change or something.

Use the Long/Int64 Array tag type, you'll get the flattened array value there.

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Ok, I'll do that.

Any plans to add multidimensional arrays? They are supported in the OPC UA standard

They’ll probably end up getting mapped to a Document type when we update for OPC UA 1.05.

Unfortunate -- it would slot so well into the dataset type, if the array types are never to have more than one dimension.

Only 2d arrays would fit dataset.