OPC tag - quality - error configuration

While Binding OPC Tags in Ignition Designer(8.0.15) we got "null" error configuration , but in ignition Gateway the same opc tag we can able to "read" the tag value but the "subscription" is showing "Error configuration".
is there any interlink to siemens plc Simatic s71200 for this error config issue

Looks like you've hit a limit on the server.



This thread may help.

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Whoops. This is happens with the native driver:

It can also happen if you subscribe to an address in a data block that is off the end of the DB (or the data type extends off the end), the rest of the subscribed tags in that data block will go bad too.

It can, with the Siemens driver, but this is clearly a direct connection to the onboard server via OPC UA and it’s the issue Jordan mentioned. You can see the monitored item error in one of the screenshots.

Edit: yep you caught that too


Thanks for the response @JordanCClark .we Need some more clarification on too many monitored items. since our PLC Tags share the data to two systems one with ignition and other with siemens scada. will it be difficult for ignition to subscribe the OPC Tags

I'd see what the setting is for maximum monitored elments, first. Looks like you can set that through TIA Portal, but I'm not a Siemens guy, so that's about all I can help there.

Otherwise if you don't really need a sunbscription, you could propbably set the scan class to read instead of subscribe, as described in the the thread I linked to.

where do i find in ignition gateway to put all tags under polled/read mode


Thanks for the suggestions. Now it works well