OPC Tag to Indicate Redundancy Status

We have some non-Ignition applications using Ignition’s OPC-UA server as their data source. We are thinking that the application will need to be able to tell if/when the Master Ignition gateway has failed over to the Backup. We realize that if the server stops responding we should just switch over to the backup, but if the gateway is up and active is there a way to read this status from the OPC-UA server?

Thank you

You can have the two UA servers set to ‘Expose Tag Providers’ (https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC79/OPC-UA+Connections+and+Settings#OPC-UAConnectionsandSettings-IgnitionOPC-UAServer) which would give you access to the tags in the System provider.

Thanks for the reply.

I enabled the Expose Tag Providers setting but I do not have any items to view under:
Ignition OPC-UA Server\Configured Tags\System\Gateway

I am using the Quick Client through the browser to test it.
I am using Ignition 7.9.7

Dangit, I was hoping you weren’t gonna say that. There’s an issue with exposing tag providers in 7.9.7 (but only 7.9.7; it’s fine in 7.9.6, and fixed for 7.9.8).