Opc tag value change

Hello. How can I adjust the value of an opc tag without a script and expression tag?. For example, the tag value-15.

If you just need to adjust the value for the purpose of displaying it in some component, e.g. a numerical label, you can use an expression binding and adjust the value using arithmetic in the binding:

Linear scaling can do it if you want the effect to apply everywhere.

Help me please. I don’t understand how to configure linear tag scaling. My default tag value from the controller is 127.5, I need to subtract 0.13 from this value to get 127.37. What parameters should I set for RW, RL, SH, SL?

If you want to subtract a fixed value of 0.13 using linear tag scaling, do the following:

  1. Open the Tag Editor for the OPC tag and display the Numeric tab
  2. Set the Scale Mode to Linear
  3. Set the Raw Low and High values to the minimum and maximum possible values of your input e.g. 0 and 100
  4. Set the Scaled Low and High values to these value minus 0.13 i.e. (0 - 0.13) and (100 - 0.13)

Your value should now have 0.13 subtracted from its raw value every time it changes. You can check this by displaying its value next to an OPC tag reading from the same input but without any scaling.