Opc tag value:

After reading tag values in opc ua in ignition how to write these tag values in text file??? i need script for writing tag values in text file

How many tags are we looking at?

nearly 1000 tags

can u plz provide me with an example for system.opc. get tag values…

coz m able to read only one tag value bt nt multiple :frowning:

sorry it was system.tag.get tag values… i need an example for this

Look at your original post.

Rather cumbersome for 1000 tags, isn’t it?

Sorry, let me go a bit further. Is there a way to iterate through the SQL Tags? Talking about an Internal Provider.

There is a module KyleChase wrote that iterates through SQLTags. Here is a link to the module:


It is called system.tag.getChildren(“path/to/folder”)

Yeah! I knew there was something knocking around in my head!