OPC Tag Write Permission Denied to Siemens OPC UA Server

Hello All,

I am using Ignition V8.1.19 and configured OPC client connection with Siemens Sinumerik One PLC OPC-UA server. This is basically the S7-1500 PLC.

I have transaction groups to update the data in SQL Database .
I am able to read OPC tags and storing them in Database based on trigger value.
But while writing back the results i am getting error .
( Error writing to TransactionOk.value: Bad_AccessDenied("User does not have permission to perform the requested operation.") )

What permission its asking about and for which user.

We use OpcUaClient as a user name while creating OPC-Client connection.

Seems to obviously be a Siemens configuration issue. Are you sure your user has write privileges in the Siemens? Or is writing to nodes that aren't always read-only?