OPC Tags & case sensitivity may or may not matter

Learned a valuable lesson today-- after nearly eight hours of pulling my hair out.

Upgraded KEPServer from v4 to v5. I deleted the old server connection and made a new one with the same name to keep from having to make a bunch of changes. Mostly true but the item path changes a bit between v4 and v5. Well and fine. After the necessary changes to the item paths, all my tags were reading without issue. Yay!

However, any tag that I tried to write to threw an exception stating that the OPC Server was faulted. No indications of a fault anywhere in Kepserver or Ignition (apart from the console log). :open_mouth:

After doing things like reinitializing KepServer, rebooting the system, deleting and recreating the connection, I finally discovered that the old connection was named KEPWare while the new one was named KepWare.

For reading: KEPWare = KepWare. Not case sensitive.
For writing: KEPWare != KepWare. Very case sensitive.

Final summary
For me, this was a case of not following a programming axiom: When putting it into memory, remember where you put it. Be aware of case sensitivity and save yourself some headache.


Weird… there shouldn’t be any difference between the two. Nothing with the incorrect server name should have worked :scratch:

It certainly would have been easier on me! :laughing:

We discovered this a few weeks ago and Colby said he would fix the issue. We had KEPServerEx instead of KEPServerEX. I believe Colby will make it the case insensitive, instead of throwing a better error message.

Also, this is a very valuable lesson in using copy and paste when possible, instead of typing by hand.

Igniiton’s Find and Replace function saved the day on this one. 1600+ tags spread out over multiple tag providers. :thumb_right:

What a strange coincidence that after something like 6 years of it being case sensitive, both of you hit this in the span of a few weeks… yeah, we’ll make it case insensitive for 7.7.1.

Also, the “faulted server” error is very misleading, but when you ask for a server that doesn’t exist, you get… a faulted server. :unamused: