OPC Tags green question marks, not updating

Can someone help me out? Occasionally all the tags stop updating. They’re in a default scan class. I have other scan classes which seem to keep working okay, but the tags in the default scan class suddenly all go green checkmarks and stop updating. Nothing looks wrong in the tag definition. To fix it, all I do is click and drag a tag from the OPC Browser over to the Tag Browser which is in the same scan class. Nothing changes in the tag definition when I do this, but it seems to wake back up the scan class and resolve the problem. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m using Ignition Platform 7.9.9 and the OPC-UA module is 4.9.9.

Any chance you have tag events or expression tags calling scripts that don’t return immediately?

I don’t have any tag events in that scan class, but I do have some expression tags. Pretty lite faire… such as:

{[.]EqState_EP1} & {[.]EqState_EP2}

Capturing a thread dump when it gets stuck might help support figure it out.

Thanks ptumel, I’ll do that. Was hoping someone else had encountered something similar before and might have a solution already! :slight_smile: