OPC Tags keep 'Good' quality after OPC client connection is deleted?

Running Ignition version 8.1.5 and OPC module 9.1.5 (b2021042810). I have an OPC-UA server and had an OPC-UA client connection to it from Ignition. I have Ignition tags created from OPC-UA nodes.

After deleting the OPC-UA client connection in Ignition, the created tag still says “Good” for its quality. The value of the tag is stale (the value is stuck at the last value it received prior to deleting the Ignition client connection).

@Kevin.Herron This seems like a bug, where if the client connection feeding a tag isn’t present, the quality should degrade to “Uncertain_LastKnownValue” or equivalent.

Hmm, that should be happening already, but perhaps there is some race condition or bug preventing it… I’ll bring this up with QA and see if we can reproduce it.

Everything should become Uncertain_LastKnownValue as you suggested.

This has been happening in other areas as well, like bug 3221 where disabling a nested udt will not change the values to disable until you restart the udt


I don’t know if this is related, but the Quality Overlay was not showing up either. More specifically, I have a Perspective label that is direct Tag binding to an OPC Ignition tag (which was Uncertain_LastKnownValue). In the label, I have a script to take the value of the bound tag, do a calculation, and return the result to show on the label.

I assumed if the component was bound to a tag with a non-Good quality, that the Overlay would show as such, because the script is providing a calculation based on stale data. It didn’t seem to be working that way, though.