OPC Tags Stale, But Only In Transaction Group

I want to log the cycle time of some stations to a table. I created a transaction group for the first one and it works fine. I also have other groups for other machines all working fine.

Now I created my second group for the next station on this machine. The OPC tags are live and I can see the values changing, but in the transaction group setup, even though I can see the source value changing, the latched value stays at “Bad_Stale”. The group is set to trigger on any change in this value but of course it won’t because it doesn’t seem to “see” the value. I’ve tried both subscribed and read mode.

Another tag from another station on the same machine is fine, so I’m confused by this.

Why would a tag appear stale only in the transaction group?

Here is a pic of healthy tags:

2020-08-26 13_30_44-Transaction_Groups - Ignition-taket013 - Ignition Designer

And same tag (S1) here saying Bad_Stale:

Edited to add one more detail:
I have this same OPC tag in another transaction group (I’m trying to figure out how I want to log this data the best way), and it’s running fine…it is not seen as being stale in that transaction group.

Any ideas what I should look for as the problem?


I made changes to the setting “Tags to watch for change:” and it started working.

It was set for “All tags” and I changed it to specify the name of that one tag, and it started working.

Then I changed it back to “All Tags”, and it still works.