Opc tags tia-ignition

I’m using Ignition 7.9.9 and for Siemens PLC -TIA 15.
I always connect OPC tags
Like: [plc_name]DB{DB_Number},offset
For Example : [plc]DB15,real15.0
But I want to use real name tags.
Like: [plc]DB1,“START”.
It will save me a lot of time, I Know that it can be because I can do it with Allen Bradley (RSLogix).
PLEASE HELP :slight_smile:

With Siemens driver you can’t.
Ignition Siemens driver doesn’t support ‘symbolic’ addressing.
If you were using Siemens PLC 1500 embeded OPC server then (I think) you’ll get symbolic tag names via drag’n’drop in the OPC tag browser…

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Sad to hear that, Thank you for your quick answer.

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Blame Siemens. Rockwell makes the technical details of tag name access publicly available, free of charge. Siemens does not.

With the internal Siemens OPC you’ll obtain your goal, but it will slow down a lot the CPU’s performance.
With an external OPC, like SIMATIC NET ( always from Siemens ) you will not get your goal, since, even if it’s from siemens, it will not read the optimize blocks.


Hi all,
Thank you for putting your knowledge up here. This saved me Hours of pointless searching.

Question, can you take something like “DB_Synoptic.“SYN_20 # LoadFeeder”.LifeSignOK” That is in a DB and change from symbolic to absolute, or add an address in the column labeled “Address” so that Ignition can see/interpret the tag?