OPC - The security token request type is not valid

What is the underlying issue and workaround to the “The security token request type is not valid” issue as mentioned in the below issue?
OPC connection fail from OPC Tag browser to designer

We saw this condition occur across all ignition-Kepware OPC connections on a production network. Coincidentally, it was between shifts, but it would have brought production down.

While we acknowledge that the short term (reset the connection) and long term (upgrade plant to 7.9.7 or above) solutions have been provided, we need to avoid a random plant shutdown.

If anyone has run into this and know what network event triggers it, please post a reply!

I don’t think it’s anything more specific than if the OPC UA connection between Ignition and Kepware breaks for any reason. When that happens Ignition starts trying to reconnect and this error was occurring because of an unexpected/incorrect StatusCode being returned.