OPC-UA AB ST Data file problem

ST files from the PLC5 driver do not display correctly with a null value in the string. Sometimes they will show nothing. For example:

PLC string- 234036X01A01\00 -- this will not display the last value of "1", I am guessing because of the "\00" null. Sometimes this value will just show "null"

Anyone had a chance to look into this?

I am able to reproduce the same problem here, but I haven’t had a chance to fix it. I will have it fixed early next week.

Thanks, let me know when you have it done

Ok, it is fixed in 7.1.4 that is on the download page of our website.

Ok the null problem is fixed, but there is something stange. I have several string file tags. Any string tag that is referenced to “3” will not read the data. For example ST80:3, ST81:3, ST60:3, etc. ST80:2 will display fine. Have not tried all combinations, only know that “3” will not work for any file. If you put ST60:3.STR it will display, but I don’t have to specify this for the others.

Just for an update on this issue. The problem applies to SLC, MicroLogix and SLC processors and has been resolved in version 7.1.4

For David and I, it was not in a SLC, it was a PLC5