Opc-ua and external server

If I have a customer with an external opc-ua server, does this create anything different in the history and tags? So like will the db look the same, will I have to create separate udts to handle this one customers stuff? I’ll have my own opc-ua for the rest of the fleet, just wanting to know if I can connect to an opc-ua server they setup and get data transparently to all the rest of our stuff. They are using mqtt and bullying us, but I really don’t want a cluster-f cause otherwise they’ll cry, pickup their toys and go home.Thx,jake

The only thing different about any OPC tags coming from that server is that they will have a different OPC Server and OPC Item Path and syntax than the ones coming from the internal server.

So I use indirect tags and stuff extensively, sounds like it screw this up.

Why? Indirect tags use a tag path. That’s independent of the item path in an OPC tag.

cool, so using [default] will still find the tags. I also have a monitor that subscribes and uses defaut, this won’t have to change either then right.Thx, jake

Square brackets in a tag path names a tag provider—unrelated to the square brackets for device names in IA’s internal OPC server.

Tag providers are not restricted to a single OPC connection, so no, those shouldn’t have to change. The most likely impact would be in parameterized UDTs. You might need to add a param for OPC connection, and possibly rework any paramertized item paths.

So if I’m reading parameterized udt’s the only thing I have there is the device name is parameterized on a few tags and there’s some tags that are parameterized by memory tags to create the path.Thx, jake