OPC UA and UA TCP Issues

On one of our Ignition Edge (7.9.4) boxes we are getting the following warnings very frequently

UaTcpStackClient 04Oct2017 10:41:19 Received PublishResponse for unknown requestHandle: 514866
OpcUaSubscriptionManager 04Oct2017 10:31:58 [id=1] expected sequence=238738, received sequence=238739. Calling Republish service…

We have one device connection using Modbus TCP, our fastest tag scan rate is 5 seconds. The device we are connected to is also connected to a RSView client via Kepware.

Occasionally, the data we read from the device is very different from the data RSView gets. We have reasons to believe the RSView data is good.

Any suggestions that may lead to a solution are greatly appreciated.


Do you have any other OPC UA connections configured besides the default one to Ignition’s built-in OPC UA server?

Can you export the logs and send them to support?

No other OPC connections. The one device is set up with all defaults. The exported log file is large, what is the best way to get it to support?


Logs were uploaded to the support portal yesterday. Any idea of how long this might take?