OPC_UA BadNodeIDUnknown

We have been having an issue with the Node ID changing causing tag links to break. Can someone tell me where this node ID is generated and what would cause it to change? The screenshot shows the highlighted ID in question.
Thanks in advance.

The OPC server you are connecting to generates that. Apparently that server is broken, as it isn't giving you repeatable item paths within that namespace. Unless someone is changing the PLC code that corresponds to those data points.

What appears to be happening is the ID number changes from time to time with no one being able to explain why. If we see a configuration error in ignition, we then check this ID and find it has changed which breaks the connection/path. My thought is that the vendor is pushing updates to machine code without notice to anyone but there is no real way to prove this. I will dig into it further by getting with the vendor and inquiring as to which OPC server they are using to see if that number can be a constant. Thanks for the response.

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