OPC-UA Client - client tag configuration error


I’ve successfully connected a third party opc-ua server based on Unified Automation SDK. On te gateway web page and using the Quick Client, I can read/write tags with no problem.
When using the Designer and dragging a single tag, the tag is correctly created with the right OPC server and item path but the value is “[null, Error_Configuration, Mon Dec 17 17:49:41 CET 2018]”. Dat type is also correct and there is no message in the designer console nor the designer log viewer.
Note: this is working well with the 7.9.10 OPC client.
Any idea?

Can you verify this happens on the latest nightly build?

Hi Kevin,
I believe I’ve the latest: 8.0.0-beta0 (b2018121402).

What’s the datatype of the Node in the UA server? I’ll see if I can reproduce this against their demo server.

It’s not their UA demo server but one built using their sdk. I’ll send a link to download the OPC server.

There’s something wrong with the server - it just returns a StatusCode of “Bad” in response to the CreateMonitoredItemsRequest. It behaves the same way if you subscribe using UaExpert.

Well, we’ll see that with the PLC vendor; I’ll be back to you then.
Thanks Kevin.