OPC-UA Client connection issue

Creating an OPC-UA client connection to a Siemens HMI OPC-UA server in version 8.0.4 and 8.05 gives me the following error and a faulted connection.


If I roll back my gateway to 8.0.3 the same connection connects to the OPC-UA server successfully. Interestingly if I setup a connection in 8.0.3 then upgrade the gateway to 8.0.5 the OPC-UA connection will stay successfully connected.

Any thoughts or anyone else had the same issue.

On the working connection, if you enter the endpoint discovery flow and then click the “Skip to advanced configuration” link you should be shown the current endpoint URL and discovery URL.

I think you’ll find when setting up a new connection you don’t end up with these same values. There seems to have been some regressions introduced into the discovery wizard and we’ve fixed a bunch of things that will land in a nightly release (tonight’s, I think?) soon.

Thanks for the prompt response.
I’ll check it out and post the results

Hey Kevin,
Finally got around to testing the bug fix for the OPC-UA issue in version 8.0.7 and it appears that it is fixed in this version (could of been fixed in 8.0.6 but haven’t checked that version).

Cheers for the help.

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