OPC UA communication keep losing tags in browser

I have an issue in OPC browser that keep losing tags intermittently. I need to do the machine cycle power to fix the issue. what can be the root cause?

you can see an example of folder E77 is missing in machine 6 in attached screenshot.

When it goes missing try connecting with a 3rd party UA client like UaExpert and see if it's also missing.

Without maybe a Wireshark capture of the browse made with security turned off for the connection it's difficult to tell what side the problem lies on. Since a power cycle of the machine/server brings it back it sounds like an issue on the server side...

I checked it with UA Expert as well. The same missing tags that I saw in OPC browser.

Ok, then your problem is likely with the server, and you should contact that vendor for support.

Thanks, will contact them.