OPC UA comunicating with AB L32E Firmware 20.19

I was testing the Ignition software. Tested it with a Spare Allen Bradley PLC with firmware V17. Worked great. Later to standardize to my production PLCs, I tested with the same PLC but with firmware V20.19
After this change the OPC server can see the tags but the actual data on the tags is reported as Value NULL and Quality Unknown. In the tag browser the tags show up with a green question mark.
My Ignition version is 7.9.0 and my OPC-UA Version is 4.9.0. I’m getting to the point i think the Ignition software can’t communicate with AB firmware 20.19. Any advice on this?

Allen-Bradley apparently updated the security in v20.19 firmware with the same restrictions as in v21+. Use the v21 driver in this case. There’s no help for the loss of performance, as the previously available direct memory access was a key optimization in the older driver.
Or go back one revision on your firmware.

This is discussed here as well: inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … 53&p=59786

Would it be possible to modify the description of the new driver to specify that it is necessary for v20.19? It’s misleading to have it say that it’s necessary for v21+, and that the legacy driver is good for all up to v20.