OPC UA Connection Faulted After Reinstall

OPC UA server Faulted error,
After Installing ignition again, its still not solved.
I have also, removed cache and cookies, changed port and IP in server setting, bind address, removed temp file from C drive. i am facing Same problem.
my Ignition version is ignition-8.1.16 x64, windows 10.
database in workbench to ignition and program simulator is working properly except OPC server.
because of server error, i am not able to add tags for alarm output data in SQL and not able to see prespective and vision view to see visual representation of output data.

it will be very helpful if anyone provide answer. otherwise i will not be able to use ignition in this system afterward.

Are there any errors in the logs from when the OPC UA module started?

You seem to have renamed or deleted and re-created the default connection - are you sure you used the correct endpoint URL and other settings when you did that?

two errors in log:

UascClientAcknowledgeHandler 22Apr2022 16:22:22 [remote=localhost/] Exception caught: UaException: status=Bad_TcpMessageTooLarge, message=max message length exceeded (825110831 > 65535)

DiscoveryServerLookupStep 22Apr2022 16:05:33 Error looking up servers

i have changed nothing. i also reinstalled everything from scratch and still its not working.