OPC-UA connection faulted to Siemens 840d CNC controller

I’m having trouble getting Ignition to talk to a OPC-UA server on a Siemens 840d based CNC machine. I can connect to it from the OPC Foundations OPC-UA sample client but cannot from Ignition. The CNC server is about a simple as it gets for OPC (no certificates, no security mode, no security policy, binary message encoding, and anonymous login with no user or password). I’m running Ignition 7.7.4. Both applications are running on the same PC so firewall settings should work. I have tried this from 2 different PCs and a server with the same results.
Any ideas?

See attached for configuration and error log screen shots.

It looks like the time on the machine is off by approximately 5 hours, and this is causing Ignition’s OPC-UA client to think the secure channel has expired immediately.

This is odd. When I subscribe to the TAG “CurrentTime” it shows the same time as Ignition but the Source time and server time are several hours ahead (but synchronized to each other). Our time zone is GMT-6. The other time being displayed appears to be GMT with no time zone applied. Could it be that it is trying to work in GMT (UTC) with no time zones that way if the server is in a different time zone than the OPC server that it will not care.

OPC-UA does use UTC time everywhere.

The device likely has an internal clock that you can set, and if you correct it everything should start lining up.