OPC UA Connection to AB SLC 5/04 through Digi One IAP Serial Server

Trying to add an Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 to OPC UA devices with no success. Using a Digi One IAP serial/ethernet server. I am able to connect with RSLinx but connection in OPC UA will not make. Configuring device in OPC UA as SLC and have disabled tag browsing but no joy. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Digi One Configuration:

Current Port Profile: TCP Sockets Change Profile…
The TCP Sockets Profile allows a serial device to communicate over a TCP network.

Profile Settings
TCP Server
Connect to the following TCP ports on the network (calculated from Base Socket).

Telnet TCP Port:		2001   Unavailable	 
Raw TCP Port:		2101   Unavailable	 

TCP Client
Automatically establish TCP connections to a server or other networked device.

Automatically establish TCP connections
Connect: Always
When data arrives
When DCD goes high

Connect To:		


TCP Port Number:		


Connect As:			 
Flush Start Character:			 
Send Keepalive Packets:			 
Auto Drain on Close:

If I recall correctly, these are not supported by IA’s driver.

What’s the connection path / info in RSLinx? @pturmel might be right… but I did just learn there’s an undocumented “feature” in the SLC driver where you can specify an octal station number rather than a connection path. Not sure if that’s what’s needed here or not…

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The Rslinx config is:
(The Digi One creates a virtual com port via the ethernet connection
AB DF1 - DH485
Com 5
It assigns it Node 1

this post on the forum seems to indicate it will work:

Try setting up the SLC driver with hostname 10.152.148.xxx,01 and no connection path.

If that doesn’t work I have no idea if it’s supported or not.

No joy. Kepware the most likely solution?

Yes, Kepware likely supports this. Or an OPC Classic connection to RSLinx.