OPC UA Connection to S7-1500

Hi Kevin

You have wrote that you have tested the OPC UA server built in Siemens 1500 PLC.( TIA v 14)
I’m testing now the communication with Ignition v 7.9.0 and I have strange behaviours.

If I read a tag with the a scanclasses definited as type OPC DATA MODE= Read, Ignition is able to read the value and every change.
But If I set the scanclass as type OPC DATA MODE= subscribed ignition does not reads the change of values


Can you turn the logger “opcua.client.OpcUaConnection.UaSubscriptionChangeListener” to DEBUG and see if any new messages appear in your logs after that?

Hi Kevin

I solved the problems , doing a upgrade of the firmware of the S7 1500 PLC

Best regards