OPC UA custom model for devices


Is there a way we can import/define custom model based on OPC UA Information model for the devices? For e.g., I want define an information model where a device has 3 sensors and 2 actuators in opc ua model. Is this something that can be supported in some way?


No, there’s no support for any kind of modeling right now.

Thanks Kevin,

There is one device type which comes pre-provisioned in Ignition for Diary use case. Once I create a device of this type I see lot of tags created in it. For e.g., Refrigeration object and compressor object. Can you please help me understand how we an create devices with such custom model further in Ignition? I have copied snapshot below. Any help in this regard would be great. Thanks in advance.

I would recommend taking a look at the Inductive University video on UDTs (User Defined Types) - this is the closest thing to what you’re describing within Ignition:


Thanks for the inputs.

I went through the video and tried it out. This still doesnt meet the requirements as I am looking for an object model to be defined at the OPC UA server. The indicated procedure helps me define it at the Ignition level which is not what is required.

In the diary example I indicated, the model is defined at the OPC server level. Hence, I am looking for information as to how this is achieved for this example.

Thanks in advance.

I’m interested in this as well. I’d like to be able to take info models expressed in xml, and generate the necessary Java code to create a custom OPC-UA info model.

This has applications in creating state machines as well as converting other models expressed in xml as a custom OPC-UA info model.

There was ongoing work by ProsysOPC on this.
Generating OPC-UA Java Code from XML

Maybe the process that is currently being used to create an XML file from existing tag structures would be a start? How is that being done?