OPC UA Device Conections in Ignition Edge 8.0.8

We have just upgraded to Ignition Edge 8.0.8.
We’ve detected that in OPC UA Device Connections, you can not create a new device because the option doesn’t appear.
Also we’ve lost the Modbus connections in ABB devices (status N/A) as you can see in the picture attached, they were working perfectly in 8.0.7 version.

You might need to refresh your license or contact your sales person.

What constitutes Edge is starting to evolve into different “editions”, and the restrictions around each are starting to change.

In 8.0.8, for example, the OPC UA server can now be configured to bind not just to localhost if you’re running “IIOT” edition. There’s also a new 2 device limit by default. This limit is raised or set to unlimited by a flag in the licensing.

I assume their plan was to update everyones existing Edge licenses so they are equivalent in functionality to the old ones but I’m not sure yet.

Thank you Kevin,

I’ll contact with my sales person in Spain to update the Edge license so we can install the v8.0.8.

This can definitely be fixed via licensing, but there may also have been a miscommunication about how this should work between teams here, so there might be a fix coming to a nightly release soon as well.