OPC-UA Device on Ignition Status Page

Hi all,

What API would I use to expose an OPC-UA device on the Ignition Status Page under Devices? I don’t need anything huge like the statistics you guys show on most of your drives but it’d be nice to show if the device is connected etc.

Do I just follow the “Home Connect” example in the sdk examples?

There’s a hook in the DriverType interface that you can implement to return a custom status page. Otherwise, you implement the stats hook to supply histograms of response times.

Perfect Thanks Phil

Are you guys talking about the same thing?

@cody.tamaki this is the page it sounds like you’re describing:

but if you want a Details button that leads somewhere next to your device then do what Phil said.

No you’re right Kevin that’s what I’m looking for. How would I implement that?

If you want your own widget and page on the main Status page then yeah, Home Connect example and the OverviewContributor is the answer, I think.