OPC UA - Device simulator program adds a digit to the values once save button clicked

Hi there,

I am going through the elective course “Building in Perspective” and noticed that the tank capacity was around 4931.00 instead of 49.31 so I checked the OPC UA connection for the simulator and played around with different options. Finally, I figured that once I click “Save Program” then go back to the file, I see that it automatically adds a digit to the values inside the paranthesis for every single row. For example, row ramp(35.0, 7.0, 50.0, true) is before I save then comes up as ramp(350.0, 70.0, 500.0, true) and it keeps adding if I go back edit and save again such as this ramp(3500.0, 700.0, 5000.0, true). Btw, I don’t load the CSV again or change any other features. Edit then save - that’s all.
Has anybody experienced this issue?


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That sounds like a locale bug.