OPC UA Disconnected

Hello all!

For some reason Ignition get disconnected from the OPC UA everytime I start Ignition. I normally restart the module but that’s not a solution. I’m using Ignition 7.5.3

Any ideas??

Can you give us some more information? How about exporting and attaching the logs.bin.gz file?

I attach an image:

logs.bin.gz (546 KB)

Your logs are full of nothing but messages saying you’ve got your OPC-UA connection set up with the wrong username and password.

You’ll have to get that fixed before we continue. It may turn out that that’s the only problem. Check which authentication profile that OPC-UA settings are pointing at, and then make sure you’re using a valid username/password for that authentication profile in the UA connection settings.

Thanks for your help! Just two question more… why I can solve this restarting the module? and how you can look at exported logs?

I’m not sure what’s causing you to need to restart, that’s what I was hoping was in the logs.

There’s no way for you to view the exported logs, but you can see the same entries by looking at either the Console in the gateway or the wrapper.log file in the Ignition install directory.