OPC -UA disconnecting

Hi. I have Gateway 7.8.2 running a OPC-UA connection via an OPC tunneller to Gateway v7.7.1
Every so often it disconnects and then sits saying connecting.
When I disable and enable, it reconnects and says connected.

Any way to get it to reconnect automatically?

It’s supposed to be automatic.

Given the older versions in play, the first thing you should try is to upgrade each gateway to the latest version in that series.

Ok thank you its worth a try

I upgraded the Gateway from 7.8.2 to 7.85 successfully.

I upgraded the Gateway with the OPC tunneller to v7.7.8 but now the Ignition OPC-UA server has disappeared from the OPC Server connections and then in status its showing faulted and "OPC server connection is faulted. Type “com.inductiveautomation.OpcUaServerType” is not a known server type. "

v7.7.7 is also saying OPC server connection is faulted.
I have reverted back to v7.7.1 temporarily as its working ok

Any other suggestions on this? it stayed connected with data for 10 days.
Then my trends began to flat lining even though OPC was saying connected.
I disconnect and reconnected and it faulted with a “No anonymous token policy found” error.
I re-entered the opcuauser password and it reconnected and live data again

Using such an old version, there’s not much we can offer from a support standpoint. I’d recommend updating to either 7.9 or 7.7.8, and if you’re having issues with your OPC-UA connection call/email in to support so we can take a look at things.

ok will give them a shout. thanks

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