OPC-UA endpoint change

hi, I want to access the OPC-UA endpoint of Server 2 where the DB is installed from Server 1.

But access is denied.

Portforwarding is complete.

Thanks for reading.

After changing these settings on the server a restart is necessary.

sure. I have already done it

Is there anything else to check?

Firewall on both servers maybe?

Right now you have a networking error that means either the server isn't listening on the address/port specified or that a firewall is blocking the connection or something.


The IP address in the picture above was tested with my server IP address. localhost works, but I can't directly enter my IP address. Is this also a firewall issue?

Maybe, but usually that means you didn't restart the Ignition Gateway after changing the settings.

To be clear - you are changing the server settings (first screenshot) on Server 2, have restarted Server 2, and now you're on Server 1 trying to make an OPC UA client connection to Server 2?

Is gateway restart the way to restart ignition from window service? If this is the right way, I did.

If the above method is correct, yes. I did it

Instead of using a list of addresses for the bind address, what if you just use the IP or You would have to restart again after making that change.

ok. but I can't try it because it's not my office right now (I'm in Korea). I'll try it after I get back.

Thank you for answer!

I can't try it because it's not my office right now (I'm in Korea). After coming back, I'll try reviewing the firewall and restarting the gateway again. Thank you for answer!

I think I actually am incorrect about not being able to pass a list to that configuration, but I was thinking maybe only the first address is successfully binding. Do you have the full logfile available that you could share?

it's not my office right now.

I'm not in the office right now so I can't show you the log file. If it doesn't work after trying the above, I'll contact you with the log file.