OPC UA Endpoints changed in 8.0

We just learned the hard way that endpoints in Ignition 8 have changed. Third party clients stopped working after upgrade to 8. Is this intentional? Backwards compatibility has been very good, so we were surprised to find this.

7.9 Endpoints

8.0 Endpoints

Unfortunately this has been painful for us because one of the clients is an OEM who is struggling to update the endpoint in their embedded software.

Yes it was intentional (for new installs), and it was well documented in the upgrade guide, although that guide seems to get harder and harder to find post release :confused:

edit: Ah, I see you’re talking about the endpoint URLs and not just the default configuration. It’s too bad that doesn’t seem to be documented, but it was necessary and intentional with the new server implementation.


Thanks for quick response.

To be clear, should we expect the old endpoint URLS to work if we upgrade from 7.9? Or do they break?

No the endpoint URLs will always change, it’s just some of the 7.9 configuration that is preserved (port, bind address to some degree, security policies, anonymous access).