OPC UA Enum Data Type

Hi guys, this is probably just a restriction from the opc ua source but i thought i would check here. I am trying to read tags from the OPC Server but they are returning an Enum Data Type with lots of associated data

Is there a way to pull just the value when creating an ignition tag?

EnumValueType is a structure that’s supposed to be used to describe the human-readable representation of an enum value. That somebody used it to model a value that should be an enumeration was a mistake in building that server’s address space.

I don’t know if there’s any way to pull a value out of it… what version of Ignition are you using?

Thanks Kevin, I suspected as much! I am current using ignition v8.0.7

I think 8.0.12 or 8.0.13 will turn this value into a Document like happens with non-builtin structures.

I’d try to figure out why you’re even subscribing to this value in the first place and if you should be though.